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Classic Drinks List of 2017

Winner: Cocktail Embassy, London

This ‘instruction book’ that’s dressed up as an official embassy file swept the floor with all the other shortlisted entries in the Classic category.

Designed as if all the drinks have been recorded on graph paper, with technical sketches and information on how each is made, accompanied by a three- or four-word flavour description, this is a masterclass in providing all the information that a reader might need or want about a particular cocktail within a 10-second scan.

A really smart touch is the ‘try next’ suggestion beside every cocktail, helping to guide the reader towards their next choice of drink.

What the judges said…  

‘The menu blew me away – the layout, the feeling of the menu, the simplicity of it, it’s not trying to educate you, it’s not pretentious. It’s simple, but with each cocktail you want to read more.’ Alessandro Palazzi

‘I loved the fact that the information was delivered in soundbites for the short attention span.’ Jared Brown

‘There was a really strong cross-section of drinks, it had a little bit of everything and was really balanced with something from every family. That’s so rare to find.’ Anistatia Miller

‘It was classy, elegant and contemporary – I love the paper stock. It’s fun and easy to read, and eminently nickable.’ Michelle Brachet 

Cocktail Embassy, 76 Westow Hill, London SE19 1SE

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